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RVA Katana

Antique Nihonto - Aikuchi Tanto - NBTHK Certified - Edo Period

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Aiikuchi (no tsuba) Tanto around the end of the Edo period, signed by Shinshu Fujiawara Tadahiro, a smith living in what is now Nagano prefecture.

NBTHK certified
Comes with a signed brass Kozuka with a pine tree motif on the handle.
The Kojiri features a Mitsudome family crest, and the Scabbard has a silver inlay

Tang's signature is now illegible due to aging.

Signature : Shinshu Matsumotoju Fujiwara Tadahiro / Spring 1861
Blade length : 232mm (9.13 in.)
Curvature : 2mm (0.08 in.)
Total length : 410mm (16.14 in.)
Motohaba : 23.1mm (0.91 in.)
Sakihaba : 15.1mm (0.59 in.)
Motokasane : 5.2mm (0.20 in.)
Sakikasane : 4.2mm (0.17 in.)
Blade Weight : 139g
Total Weight : 314g