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Antique Nihonto - Katana in Koshirae, late Muromachi (425+ years old) - Unsigned, NBTHK Hozon Attributed to Taira Takada

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Nagasa: 64.7cm
Sori: 2.2cm
Motohaba: 3.1cm
Total Length:

This blade was forged by a smith from the Takada school, in Bungo (modern-day Oita prefecture).  The NBTHK has attributed it to Taira Takada, which means it was forged during up to the Muromachi period (425+ years ago)

The tsuba and fuchikashira are likely Edo period.

The Takada school was founded by Takada Tomoyuki in Takada village, Bungo Province,, during the Nanbokucho period. (1334-1338 A.D). Takada Tomoyuki went to Bizen province (now Okayama Prefecture) to learn Bizen-style forging, then returned to Takada village.

During the Sengoku Period( The Warring States Period, from 1500s-1600s), Takada swords were highly prized by samurai as being durable.