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Antique Nihonto - Katana in Shirasaya with Koshirae, Nanbokucho Period (650+ years old) - Unsigned, NBTHK Hozon Attributed to Uda Kunifusa

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Battle-Damaged Sword!

Nagasa: 62.5cm
Sori: 1.6cm
Motohaba: 2.5cm
Total Length:

The sword has battle damage on the edge near the habaki. This flaw is known as a hakobore, and usually occurs when two swords clash against each other as samurai press for superior position.

This blade was forged by Uda Kunifusa, according to the NBTHK, There were several generations of Kunifusa starting from the Kamakura Period through the Muromachi period, and the Japanese dealer evaluated this one as coming from the Nanbokucho period.

The tsuba and fuchikashira are likely Edo period.

Uda is a prestigious school that flourished during the Nanbokuchoto-mid Muromachi period(approx. 1334-1491). It was founded by Kunimitsu(国光) in the late Kamakura period. The school was located in Etchu province in modern-day Toyama prefecture today.

Kunimitsu was originally from Yamato Uda Gun(大和宇多郡), located in Nara prefecture but moved to Etchu in the late Kamakura period(1299-1333) with his apprentices including Kunifusa(国房), and Kunimune(国宗).

Uda school was famous for producing practically designed blades, which were desirable during Nanbokucho- Muromachi period. Among other schools in the Hokuriku region (the northwestern part of Honshu), Uda school was the most prominent school.

When the Uda school flourished in the Nanbokucho period, Ja tumultuous time when the imperial court was split into two sides (south and north).