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RVA Katana

Antique Nihonto - Long Wakizashi - Late Muromachi Period (450 years old)

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Signed ?-Hiro, this hirazukuri Wakizashi appears to be the late Muromachi Period. 

There are several kitae ware along the blade. It features several types of jigane (folds of steel), which are clear to the naked eye.

Nagasa : 444mm /17.5"
Sori : 8mm /.3"
Total length : 630mm/24.75"
Motohaba : 32.3mm /1.25"
Sakihaba : 24.2mm/ 1"
Motokasane : 5.2mm/.25"
Sakikasane : 4.3mm/.2"
Blade Weight : 344g
Total Weight : 706g