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Antique Nihonto - Wakizashi, Early Edo (about 350-400 years old), NBTHK Hozon attributed to Echizen Seki

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Antique Wakizashi in beautiful Koshirae, NBTHK attributed to Echizen Seki.

Blade Length 48.4cm
Sori: 1.2cm
Motohaba: 25.6cm
Sakihaba: 17.6cm
Motokasane: 5.5cm
Sakikasane: 4.8cm
Blade Weight: 380g

This blade is NBTHK attributed to Echizen Seki (越前関), a group of swordsmiths who moved from Mino Province (one of the five main traditions of Japanese swordsmithing, now modern-day Gifu) who wto Echizen province (modern-day Fukui) during the Azuchi-Momoyama period. The region prospered during the Edo period, when it was ruled by the Echizen Matsudaira Clan, a direct retainer of the Tokugawa family.  Many swordsmiths from different regions moved to Echizen because of high demand for swords.