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RVA Katana

DAMAGED TSUKA Cloudhammer Black Lotus Katana - s5 Shock Steel

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We damaged the tsuka surface trying to knock out the delrin Mekugi, and it is discounted $150.

Watch Shadiversity use one of our s5 shock steel katana on stone!

The Black Lotus katana is made from s5 shock steel, one of the toughest sword steels on the market. The standard edge angle is great for cutting hard targets.

It's tightly wrapped in Cloudhammer's famous leather, and the copper fittings are in the blackened Lotus theme.

With an HRC of 57, it has the hardness to hold a sharp cutting edge; yet it can be bent to 90 degrees without deformation.  It has an impact rating of 90. This allows for repeated blows against harder targets.

Blade Length:70cm am
Tsuka Length: 26
Weight: 1030g