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RVA Katana

Legacy Blades Blue Crane O-Katana - Choji Hamon, Koshi Sori 1095

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Legacy Blades 29.1" Katana with gorgeous Choji Hamon (clover temper pattern)and exquisite furniture. Featuring a Tsuru and Hana theme (crane and flowers), the beauty of this Katana is further improved with a premium Saya lacquered in a deep gold finish with upgraded blue synthetic silk Sageo and finished with premium genuine buffalo Koiguchi and Kurikata (mouth and Sageo attachment). The blade is crafted from high carbon 1095 steel, featuring a Bo-hi (fuller) with exceptional Tachikaze performance.

Nagasa (Blade length): 74cm/29.1"
Motohaba (width near Habaki): 3.15cm
Sori (curvature): 3cm
Sakikasane (thickness at Yokote): 3mm
Saya (scabbard): Hardwood with buffalo horn Koiguchi and Kurikata
Tsuba (guard): Brass, multi color
Tsuka (handle): 26cm.10.2"
Sakihaba (width near yokote): 2.3cm
Kasane (thickness at Habaki): 7.2mm
Blade material: Maru, 1095 high carbon steel
Handle material: Hardwood with genuine black rayskin, blue synthetic silk Ito.

Comes with a sword bag.