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RVA Katana

Legacy Blades Reaper O-Katana - Whirling Dragons - Koshizori 1095

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Legacy Blades 29.1" Katana with gorgeous Choji Hamon (clover temper pattern)and exquisite furniture. Featuring a dragon theme, the beauty of this Katana is further improved with a premium Saya lacquered in a deep gold finish with upgraded purple Sageo and finished with premium genuine buffalo Koiguchi and Kurikata (mouth and Sageo attachment). The blade is crafted from high carbon 1095 steel, featuring a Bo-hi (fuller) with exceptional Tachikaze performance.

Nagasa (Blade length): 74cm/29.1"
Motohaba (width near Habaki): 3.15cm
Sori (curvature): 3cm
Sakikasane (thickness at Yokote): 3mm
Saya (scabbard): Hardwood with buffalo horn Koiguchi and Kurikata
Tsuba (guard): Brass, multi color
Tsuka (handle): 26cm.10.2"
Sakihaba (width near yokote): 2.3cm
Kasane (thickness at Habaki): 7.2mm
Blade material: Maru, 1095 high carbon steel
Handle material: Hardwood with genuine black rayskin, purple synthetic silk Ito.

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Comes with a sword bag.