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RVA Katana

Legacy Blades Kaiju Beast of the East Katana T10 Clay Tempered

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Here's something truly unique from Legacy Blades, and there's only one! That's right, these were a custom order for a customer who backed out last moment and Legacy Blades says they lost the plans for it and will never make this again! We managed to get our hands on the two that they made, and now we have this one left. We call it the Kaiju, and it's quite the monster! Made from clay-tempered T10 tool steel with a 75 cm Nagasa, this lives up to the name as a hefty cutting blade. The Naginata Naoshi style blade slices through the air with ease, making for a robust but fast moving sword. It features a Shikomizue style Tsuka with adjacent Saya, made from hardwood and stained a beautiful mocha color and finished with leather wrapping. Release the beast from the east!

T10 clay tempered steel blade, Naginata Noshi with natural Hamon
Brass Habaki
Hardwood stained Tsuka and Saya
Overall Length: 117.5 cm/46.25"'
Blade Length: 75 cm/29.5"
Tsuka Length: 27.9 cm/11'
Blade Width: 3.8cm/1.5" in


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