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RVA Katana

Phoenix Arms Blue Dragon Katana

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From Phoenix Arms comes this truly splendid piece of functional Katana art. Featuring an intricately carved blue Saya with dragon and cloud motif in exquisite detail. The white leather-wrapped Tsuka sits on top of authentic ray skin that is dyed blue, featuring a pair of golden dragon Menuki and matching themed Fuchi and Kashira in a brilliant two color design. The Tsuba rounds out the brilliant furniture in silver and gold featuring a dragon wrapped up in the clouds design. The matching white Sageo completes the overall look, with gold Shitodome inserted into the Kurikata to bring out the overall elegance. Every piece of this Katana has intricate detail. The forged T10 blade is a work of art on its own, featuring a stunning Hamon pattern in brilliant polish. The Habaki is a beautiful silver wave cutout pattern and adds to the overall elegance to this amazing sword.