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RVA Katana

Phoenix Arms Mn65 Nodachi - Odachi

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Phoenix Arms delivers with their new Nodachi/Odachi. Odachi ("great sword", also referred to as Nodachi or "field sword") were a battlefield weapon used by the Samurai during feudal Japan. For those looking for a practical Nodachi, this is it! The blades are forged from Mn65 spring steel, making for a durable yet flexible cutting blade.

Six colors available, each with a matched black Ishime (stone texture) Saya (scabbard).


Overall length: 49.25"
Tsuka (handle): 14"
Blade: Maru, Mn65 spring steel
Handle material: hardwood with genuine ray skin in black, cotton Ito (Black model feature black leather wrapping with leather Sageo)
Nagasa (blade): 33.5"
Saya material: Hardwood Ishime (stone texture)
Tsuba: Iron Tsuru theme (crane)

Sword bag included.