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RVA Katana

Phoenix Arms White Crane Katana T10

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We present to you this gorgeous White Crane Katana from the artisans at Phoenix Arms. Featuring a beautifully crafted T10 tool steel blade with stunning natural Hamon, this is a functional cutting sword that is also a work of art. The Saya features a magnificent white crane theme, hand-painted and lacquered and is adorned with natural ox horn reinforcement at the Kurikata, Koiguchi, and Kojiri. In Japanese folklore, the crane is a strong majestic bird that mates for life and is said to live for a thousand years. It symbolizes honor, good fortune, loyalty, and longevity.


Overall length: 41"
Blade length: 27.5"
Samegawa: Authentic white rayskin
Tsuka Ito: Deep blue synthetic silk
Sageo: Matching blue synthetic silk

Random sword bag included.