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RVA Katana

Antique Nihonto - Dragon Hitatsura Sunnobi Tanto - Edo Period

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Sunnobi Tanto translates "inch extended tanto," which refers to it's length exceeding 1 shaku (abou 30cm/12").

This hirazukuri tanto from the Edo period has a wide blade and features a gorgeous hitatsura Tanto.  The fittings are all dragon themed.

There is inactive rust throughout the blade.

Nagasa : 313mm/12.25"
Sori : 2mm
Total length : 585mm/23"
Motohaba : 31.2mm/1.25"
Sakihaba : 23mm/.9"
Motokasane : 6.6mm/.25"
Sakikasane : 4.4mm/.2"
Blade Weight : 322g
Total Weight : 751g