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Antique Nihonto - Katana in Shirasaya with Koshirae, late Kamakura to Nanbokucho (650+ years old) - Unsigned, NBTHK Hozon Attributed to Ko Uda

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Nagasa: 69.6cm
Sori: 1.5cm
Motohaba: 3.2cm
Total Length:

This blade was forged by a smith from the Uda school by NBTHK, which authenticated this blade. When attributed to the Ko (old) Uda school, it is from the Kamakura-Nanbokucho period (Approx. 1299 – 1393). 

The tsuba and fuchikashira are likely Edo period.

Uda is a prestigious school that flourished during the Nanbokuchoto-mid Muromachi period(approx. 1334-1491). It was founded by Kunimitsu(国光) in the late Kamakura period. The school was located in Etchu province in modern-day Toyama prefecture today.

Kunimitsu was originally from Yamato Uda Gun(大和宇多郡), located in Nara prefecture but moved to Etchu in the late Kamakura period(1299-1333) with his apprentices including Kunifusa(国房), and Kunimune(国宗).

Uda school was famous for producing practically designed blades, which were desirable during Nanbokucho- Muromachi period. Among other schools in the Hokuriku region (the northwestern part of Honshu), Uda school was the most prominent school.

When the Uda school flourished in the Nanbokucho period, a tumultuous time when the imperial court was split into two sides(south and north).