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RVA Katana

Dark Sentinel - Hanwei

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Combining the slashing power of the Samurai Katana with the agility and thrusting ability of fine European dueling swords,  the Dark Sentinel is a handsome sword with a bite.  Light and quick enough for single-hand fencing but with the ability to turn on awesome two-handed power,  the Dark Sentinel sword from Hanwei will guard the castle gates against all would-be usurpers - without draining the Royal treasury!  The forged high-carbon steel blade is complemented by a studded leather-wrapped grip with a stylized tsuba-like guard.  A wooden scabbard with steel fittings completes the package.


Product Details

Key Features:

  • Forged high-carbon steel blade
  • Studded leather-wrapped grip
  • Fully functional
  • Dark Sentinel Sword


    Overall: 47 3/8"
    Blade Length: 31 1/2"
    Handle Length: 10 1/2"
    Weight: 2lb 3oz
    Thickness at Guard: .230
    Blade Steel: 1566

    Specs will vary slightly
    from piece to piece.