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RVA Katana

Samgakdo Jingum - Korean Mat Cutter - 1075 Spring Tempered Steel

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The Korean samgakdo may look like a katana, but its geometry is different.  Like the Japanese hirazukuri, these swords have a very narrow profile, as well as a wider width.  This geometry makes them excellent mat cutters.

1075 spring tempered blade, Full tang
Iron Fittings, iron Swirl theme
Blacl or green tsukamaki
imitation samegawa
Black lacquer saya
Black or green sageo 

Specifications (approximate):
Sword Weight:  2.5 pounds
Overall Length: 40.5"
Blade Length:  28.5"
Handle length:  10.5"
Blade width: 1.25"

Comes with a random sword bag.