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Cloudhammer Steelworks

Cloudhammer Nagamaki - Practical - sx105v

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Pre-order special $25 off.  Arriving early June

This Nagamaki is made from sx105v Japanese alloy tool steel. It's has no distal taper, with a motohaba and sakihaba of 32mm, and a motokasane and sakikasane of 7mm.  It's a viscious cutter!

With an HRC of 58, it has the hardness to hold a sharp cutting edge; yet it can be bent to 60-70 degrees without deformation.  It has an impact rating of 80-90. This allows for repeated blows against harder targets.

Base price below, with your choice of fittings. Extra costs for full samegawa wrap, hishigami, tsuka length, saya, maki color, sageo style, etc.  Contact us.

Blade Length:70cm
Tsuka Length: 40cm