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RVA Katana

Phoenix Arms Cobalt Dragon Tanto 65Mn

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The 短刀 Tanto, or "short blade" came into the arsenal of the Samurai during the Heian Period (794-1185), designed as a close quarters combat weapon offering versatility in tight spaces and allowing for quick and precise strikes. Reminiscent of the dagger, the Tanto features a single-edged blade with a sharp point and a varying length handle. Blade length is 6-12 inches, making it shorter than a standard Katana or Wakizashi. Tanto served various purposes beyond combat, used as tools for daily tasks as well as holding cultural significance and given as ceremonial gifts or used as a symbol of authority.


Forged 65Mn spring steel blade, blue anodized
Iron fittings
Black Tsuka Ito
Imitation white ray skin
Hand-painted Saya

Overall Length: 21"
Blade Length:  12"
Handle length:  6.5"
Blade width: 1.25"


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