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RVA Katana

Phoenix Arms Defender Nagamaki T10

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The Nagamaki was used on the battlefields of Japan during the Sengoku Jidai "warring states" period, and was an effective weapon used by infantry and foot soldiers for use against mounted cavalry riders and spearmen. With a long blade and equally long handle, this sword could generate enough force to cut through heavy targets with ease.

T10 Steel with natural Hamon and full tang
Brass Fittings , dragon warriors theme
Brown leather and black Tsuka Ito
White Samegawa
Gloss black lacquered Saya
Brown cotton Sageo

Specifications (approximate):
Total Weight:  4.0 pounds
Overall Length: 56"
Blade Length:  27"
Handle length:  25.5"
Blade width: 1.5"

Comes with a random sword bag.