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RVA Katana

Dragon Spring Redeeming Light Mn65 Katana

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New from Dragonspring Steel is the Redeeming Light, crafted from durable Mn65 spring steel.

Featuring all black furniture, the Tokei Tsuba is the highlight with a unique design not seen on other production swords. Tokei Tsuba were a hidden Christian motifs, based on a symbol used by missionaries in 16th century Japan, which was in turn, developed from a symbol used by the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine.

The brown cotton wrapped Tsuka features gold Menuki for an elegant presentation. The natural wood Saya harkens to simple woodworking.

The highlight of this sword is the expertly forged blade, made from Mm65 spring steel. Perfect for beginning cutters or anyone looking for a flexible sword that won’t break the bank.