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RVA Katana

PRE-ORDER Cloudhammer Longsword - s5 Shock Steel

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UPDATE:  3/25/24, The swords are in production, Target date for arrival in Virginia is May of 2024.  Pre-order for $800, will be $850 after they ship

With alloys giving it excellent impact resistance, s5 shock steel is typically used in high impact dies and concrete breakers.

Watch Shadiversity use one of our s5 shock steel katana on stone!

This sword is peened and comes in a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather or leather 

Blade Length: 90cm
Hilt Length: 25cm
Blade Width: 4.5cm
Blade Thickness: 4mm, to 8mm
Weight: 1450g
POB: 6cm
Guard Width 20cm