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RVA Katana

PREORDER - Cloudhammer SKS3 Katana SPECIAL BUY

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First run Cloudhammer SKS3 Katana. Our production sample blew us away, and now we're offering a limited special buy for our customers!

Production time estimate: 3 months (more than likely faster)

Payment details: A deposit of half is required to secure, option to pay in full at time of deposit. *Will not ship until full payment is received. Once they arrive we will reach out for the remainder if paying partial now.


Forge: Cloudhammer Steelworks
Steel: SKS3 tool steel, differentially hardened with Hamon
Nagasa length: ~27.5"
Tsuka length: 10.5"
Tsuka details: Rikko shape (hourglass), white authentic rayskin, premium Cloudhammer black leather Ito
Furniture: Tsuba Owari-zu Sukashi in black, Fuchi and Kashira black iron weave theme, coper Habaki and Seppa
Saya: Black Ishime (stone texture), thin profile, buffalo horn reinforcement at Kojiri, Kurikata, and Koiguchi