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RVA Katana

Stick Sword - Zatoichi

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This sword is one of three exciting versions of the shikomizue stick sword of Zatoichi, the legendary blind Samurai. The ever-popular black Hanwei  SH1014, with its fully tempered carbon steel blade is joined by the SH2267 which features a fully-forged straight Katana blade, housed in a natural hardwood scabbard and handle combination, while the superbly folded blade of the SH2114 is housed in exquisite rosewood.

Key Features:

  • Carbon steel with etched temper line blade
  • Slim profile
  • Supplied with fabric sword bag.
  • Zatoichi Stick/Sword, Black


    Overall: 39 1/2"
    Blade Length: 28 1/2"
    Handle Length: 10 1/2"
    Weight: 1lb 8oz
    Point of Balance: 8"
    Width at Guard: .98"
    Width at Tip: .80"
    Thickness at Guard: .25"
    Thickness at Tip: .20"
    Blade Steel: 5140

    Specs will vary slightly
    from piece to piece.