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RVA Katana

PRE-ORDER Thaitsuki Shoshin Hana Katana, 1095 Clay tempered

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UPDATE 3/18/24:  We already sold out of our first batch!  We are taking pre-orders for the second batch, expected in three months.  $575 if you pre-order before March 22, 2024, $600 afterwards.

The KTN1 Shoshin Hana Katana appears to be a meticulously crafted blade that draws inspiration from the profound ethos of martial arts. The design reflects a commitment to the warrior spirit, emphasizing mindfulness, rigorous training, and a respectful approach towards opponents. The essence of "Shoshin Hana" encapsulates the philosophy of maintaining a beginner's mind, fostering a continual dedication to learning and growth within the martial arts discipline.


2.45 japanese shaku 73.5 cm
-moto haba 34 mm
-moto kissane 7.5 mm
-saki haba 25 mm
-saki kasane 3.5 mm
-notarae hamon
-real yokote and chu kissaki
-shinogi zuguri
-standard bohi

  • Overall Length: 42' Blade: 28.75'
  • Hand forged  (1095 steel).
  • Clay tempered and water quenched blade.Hardness 55 HRC(Edge) 40 HRC(Body)
  • Clay coated.
  • Shinogi Zukuri.
  • Genuine black same’ tsuka, Genuine grey Cowhide Tsuka Ito.
  • Silver seppa and  HANA habaki.
  • Silver Hana menuki.
  • Brass fuchi and kashira.
  • Black matte saya with buffalo horn koiguchi and kojiri.

Comes with sword bag.