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RVA Katana

Wakizashi - Dragon King Lotus Seed

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A beautiful symbol of the circular journey of enlightenment, the lotus seed starts its life in the muck before growing in to a stalk to emerge from the muddy water to blossom. As the bloom fades the maturing seeds fall back in to the mud to continue the cycle of rebirth, which is so beautifully depicted in our Lotus Seed Daisho set from Dragon King. Like the lotus blossom the Lotus Seed Katana transitions from various shade of violet from the wrapped cotton ito (handle wrap), the gold and purple sageo on the smooth deep, dark lacquered saya.

Copper seeds accent the blackened furniture throughout the handle. The immaculately detailed budding seed pod following the shedding of its pedals centers the entire piece. Silver dragonfly menuki, seppa and habiki splash highlights across the 7" tsuka. The 19 3/8” forged T10 blade features a midare or irregular hamon (temper) line much like the path of life with its ups and downs. The wakizashi completes the motif with a bold statement both physically and metaphorically without being audacious in design. 

(Sageo colors may vary)

Key features:

  • 19 3/8" forged T10 steel blade
  • Features an irregular hamon line
  • A physically and metaphorically motif without being audacious in design

  • Specifications:

    Overall: 27 1/2"
    Blade Length: 19 3/8"
    Handle Length: 7"
    Weight: 1 lbs 11 oz
    Sori: 1/2"
    Blade Steel: T10
    Hrc Edge: 60
    Hrc Back: 40

    Specs will vary slightly
    from piece to piece.